Our team

Our team consists of:

  • top specialists with extensive experience in designing unique flavours matching the tastes of the most demanding palates,
  • technology advisers providing substantive and technical assistance in the application of our products in manufacturing plants,
  • specialists in food law.


Our specialists will help not only in choosing the appropriate flavour for your needs but will also design a ready-made solution based on a preliminary analysis of Client’s portfolio, news and market trends, as well as final product assessment in external consumer surveys.  

We also support our Clients with professional advice, evaluation and consultation of food legislation, with a particular emphasis on food additives and the issue of product labelling.

As part of our collaboration, our Clients can expect comprehensive services and availability of our team of experts. To each business partner we assign a dedicated sales representative or a specialist who will answer any questions about our business and provide support in the process of tendering and contract delivery.