Salt Enhancement

Claim: up to 35% of salt/sodium reduction in any end product

Our Salt Enhancement technology has been initially developed from a very fine screening of natural flavouring raw materials in order to identify the ingredients that can affect the saltiness.

The SET solutions are one of the best natural salt enhancers on the market! We suggest our customers to use a combination of our powder Salt Enhancer A1402 with our liquid salt Enhancer A1220 (recommended dosages: respectively 0,3% and 0,1%).

Our technology is based on a unique perfectly well balanced combination of natural extracts replicating the sensorial effects of salt and is not only imparting umami and kokumi notes.

We think that we can even deliver better taste with less salt by using our natural and clean label flavours! For clean label purposes and to avoid any bitter taste, our technology is potassium chloride (E 508) free.